Problems aren’t problems unless you make them.

A lot of individuals are stuck chasing the constructed idea of happiness and can never be content with the moment in time they are present in. This use to be me. To this day, there are still days that fall back and have to remind myself that happiness is not a full bank account, expensive smashed avocado breakfasts at cafes, being materialistically spoilt or high distinctions at university.

There a few different ways that I became more self-aware and moved away from this idolised idea of happiness that society has constructed.

I started to consider “problems” as an opportunity. I looked at my niggling “problems” and understood them in a deeper and more positive perspective. The following is some examples that have happened to me over the past months that could be perceived as a small problem but instead, I’ve added it to a list of quality learning experiences.

Have you failed an exam?

One exam does not depict your future. Understand the mistakes and use it as a learning experience to motivate yourself to study harder for next time. Don’t allow for the exam mark to distort your view of your individual capabilities. Recognise your strengths and that every individual has their own unique assets. Be persistent and optimistic, as well as creative to brainstorm new visions to tackle it again.

Did you get mistreated by a customer at work?

“If a person is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person.”

Working in customer service, I can relate to this quote on a lot of levels. A customer gets a medium steak instead of medium rare, follows you into the kitchen, verbally abuses you and shoves the plate back into your hands and storms off. A person’s true character becomes clear during customer service encounters.

If you are to be verbally abused by customers, when driving on the roads or any other similar situation by any individual, this is what I remember and recognise. In the moment I’m thinking, ‘Dude… this person is super crappy’. Consider it for a second. For this individual to have this kind of reaction over something so small, they must be having a real bad day. Or maybe they’re just finding it tough lately and this just pushed them over the edge. Either way, what ever their situation is, everyone is facing their own individual problems and that’s absolutely okay! I’ve become wise enough to recognise that it’s why everyone reacts differently to varied situations. Every personality is unique and from these situations you can learn how to accept and deal with different personalities that you’ll come across in your life.

I can guarantee that from starting to look at this perspective of problematic situations I have become incredibly more wise and self-aware. These are only two small examples, but I know that you reading this could take this into account of your unique lives as well.

I became great at this because I deeply understood all the kinds of upsetting things that happen to people in this world that don’t deserve it and how much that saddened me.  I begun to realise that what I identified as a problem could be an opportunity from someone else’s perspective, and that my problems were absolutely not problems at all. Looking at this perspective towards work, relationships, health and personal life, could change your view of what a “problem” really is and contribute positively towards your mental health and well-being.

Reflecting on your past, have you ever had any thing happened that you considered it a “problem”, that you now can look back on and consider it an amazing learning experience, that has shaped you into the wiser, stronger and better version of yourself today?
Because I know I have.

Check out my other blog post on reflecting and being grateful for your past.

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