Our Memory Journal

For Christmas, Keenan bought me the most thoughtful present. A polaroid camera and a recycled papered journal. Whenever we come across a significant event we snapshot the moment with the polaroid and record it in our journal. I love this because as we grow older we can go back and look at all these meaningful memories,reminisce on our greatest times together, or even replicate and relive those moments. It’ll be so special to be able to pass it down for everyone to look over the beautiful experiences we have shared. Such an amazing gift idea and I most certainly recommend it for anyone who would love to capture special moments and relive them in the future.

We have so much to add but heres what we have so far;

My formal and graduation, our 2 year anniversary in Byron Bay, our Hamilton Island cruise, my special Sydney trip where my surf club won the Australian club of the year, our picnic in my favourite spot in the world, our Valentines Day dinner and the birth of Keenan’s godson Jakai.

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