My Valentine

Just had the most spontaneous & beautiful Valentines Day with Keenan.

For starters, a cute little man rocked up at my door at 8am, holding a gorgeous bouquet filled with my favourite flowers. Expected it to be for my sister or mother, but they were actually for me! From Keenan. Definitely the most romantic gesture he has ever done – he has never been the romantic type so it was such a surprise!!


Went on a lonely walk along Brisbane River to kill time whilst Keenan was training. Checked into our hotel. Managed to score a river and Story Bridge balcony room. Still waiting for Keenan to finish training. Accidentally ate half a block of cheese. Went downstairs to buy some ciders and Thai. Lit my favourite Taaha Candle from Peter Alexander, put on some old hits and set up the flowers he got me.

He loved it!

I strongly believe that Valentines day isn’t the only day we should share our love to one another. We celebrate our love everyday and always do as much as we can in the time we have together whilst living apart. We never really get the chance to do something super special like this so I gave him the hotel room as a birthday present to save for Valentines Day. And what a magical evening it was.


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