A cheers to Josh.

I am grateful for everything I have been taught… To live passionately and immensely, to be generous to the lives I touch, to take life on with 110% effort, and most importantly, the precious skills of how to save a life.

Particularly this weekend was a moment where all of these life lessons were apparent, and I gave everything I could in a situation where I was able to use everything I had been taught over the past few years in lifesaving surrounded by incredible support and encouragement.

At only 18 years I have come across three occasions where someone has been unconscious in front of me, and I have taken charge of the situation, leading the first aid. The first two of these times, everything went okay.

And the last time, well… Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky.

The situation is so surreal that I am still in shock and my head cannot even wrap itself around what happened. We did everything that we could. As did the paramedics and doctors.

Life… It’s the greatest gift anyone can ever receive. After a couple of days of hoping for a miracle, we commemorate one special life that was lost and has affected many of the people I love and care for.

My gorgeous friend Ash has lost her loving, bubbly and incredible boyfriend and I can not contemplate her shock and grief.

Ashlee’s words: “Josh will be a dolphin swimming with the waves. He always lived each day to its fullest and tried to fit in as much into his day as he possibly could. He always wanted to do something. Go on adventures, camping, concerts, festivals… he could never sit still.”

Ashlee inspired me because of how strong she was at this time, being able to speak so well about her love only days after his passing. I could feel her numbness and heart broken across the table, but kept herself together so well without showing us how torn she was.

But their passionate, adventurous and wild connection they shared has inspired me to stop waiting and start living.

How many days have I lazed around, despite the gorgeous sun shining outside?
How many times have I wasted a perfect day for an adventure?
Why am I constantly planning ahead and wishing for the weekend or the holidays instead of actually living in the moment?

I need to stop using the same excuse that I never have enough time and start LIVING more! As corny as it sounds, you only get one chance to live the life you’ve been given. I know personally that I put effort into every day. But it has never been enough. Appreciate the smiles, the laughter and the beautiful world in which we live. This life experience has pushed me to appreciate the love of everyone everyday, to treat every day like it’s the last, and live wildly with desire more than ever before…
Just like Josh and Ashlee.
I’m sure he’s catching more waves than ever before and I will always appreciate how much their relationship inspired me.

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