Pacific Island Cruise

I decided that the way I wanted to celebrate my 13 years of schooling was to go on a cruise. It was the best choice I’ve ever made and I’d go back in an instant. I went with a couple of friends and we sailed on Carnival Cruise Lines from Sydney around Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

The service was amazing and the staff were so friendly (especially the Indonesian staff). They loved us so much that they always went to extra efforts like making our cocktails look better or making cute towel animals in our room or leaving funny notes or letters behind when they do the daily clean. Plus, the coolest thing about the ship is that all the staff members were SO multicultural , there was barely any Australians!

What I discovered from the experience is that you really don’t need to pay for the onshore activities that they supply on the boat. The best way to get cheap deals is hop off at the island and speak to the locals. Buses and taxis are incredibly cheap, so you can get wherever and pay for things that weren’t pre-planned. Plus, you can bring snorkelling gear from home. You can hire it on board also but theres limited availability.

Being on a boat for a while feels really weird on your body so I think that 10 days is the perfect time frame for a cruise holiday. We took every kind of tablet with us incase of emergencies but we didn’t even have to take one. The seas were perfect the whole time, except for one night which was kind of rocky, but very bearable.

I’m definitely heading back ASAP, most likely with my boyfriend or another girls trip because its just so cheap for everything you get and such an amazing experience. The food is included in the price so you can literally eat as much as you want. SO GOOD! We scored cheap flights from Gold Coast to Sydney and we got there pretty early so we checked in our bags and went adventuring in Sydney CBD.

I recommend also deeply researching secret spots on each of the islands because there is SO much to do and you only have one day in each place. The blue lagoons in Vanuatu were AMAZINGGGG (the last photo of me below swinging on a rope). Plus you could snorkel at every stop which is what I did for majority of the day. I filmed each place on my Go Pro and took way too many photos!

I’ve recommended this holiday so many friends and family and I’ll be definitely back on there soon.





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